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L:ED offers its digital creations as services : all and each innovations in the digital realm are now at your reach and totally fit to your needs.

Creation of brand new digital experiments

from your concept to its full realization, we take care of everything!

Digital installations rental

Not enough time to design a digital experiment but willing to offer one? Don’t worry, we’re here!.

Stage Design

Your usual Powerpoint won’t be enough? One solution take them to the digital scale.

Interactive installations

There is nothing best to ensure your visitors’ commitment, than making them participate!

Video Mapping

We can turn your spaces in everything you want with this brand new projection technology..

Audiovisual shows

We are turning your concept and messages into live shows, what best to impact your audience?


live video creation on the spot? That’s what we do.

Motion Design

Need to outline your communication with animated graphic artworks? No problem we can take care of that too!

Sound Design

Taylor made sound designs, from the simplest advertising jingle to the upmost sound atmosphere for your brand.


We give courses and initiation to several digital techniques. It’s a different way bring your message to the proper targets.

A concept? An Idea? A project?

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About L:ED

A Lab for Experiments in Digital


We turn your digital experience wishes into reality by designing and realising your projects with you or by proposing ready to use installations.


For all your events

For all your events both professional (trade fairs, conventions, seminars …) or festive (parties, festivals, entertainment …) we create with you the means to make your brand, your product or yourself shine in the digital age. Digital workshops, interactive installations, immersive video mapping, digital shows and performances, vjing, motion design… we do everything it takes to reach our mutual goal : make people remember you.


Our expertise

From design to implementation, we take care of your project at each step.

  1. We conceptualize a digital experience within its environment
  2. We realise this digital artwork, produce its contents and develop the interactions
  3. We implement and set it up in the chosen environment

Our vision

The members of L:ED are all artists (video, audio, photo, music, illustration, dance, theater, …) who have hybridized their practices with digital.

Artists and digital marketing professionals

But we have also been and remain professional in the fields of communication and digital marketing (consultants, designers, developers, ergonomists, project managers, business analysts …). We are artists with both feet on the ground : your needs and requirements are key elements for us. Therefore, your goals are always at the heart of the digital creations we realise for you and we know instinctively how to insert them within your overall communication.
Finally, in our vision of digital art, it takes more thant a computer to make a work digital. The digital still have unsuspected depths we want to explore with you.


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Dorianne Wotton
Blandine Laignel
Jean François B
Jean-François Cauche {Kaneda}
Elena Ramos
Emilia Stepien
Hassen El Golli

They trusted us

  • Novartis
  • Mairie de Paris
  • Ville de Montreuil
  • Le Batofar
  • Le Petit Bain
  • La Machine du Moulin Rouge
  • La Castellerie
  • Les 3 Baudets
  • Kiron Espace
  • L’Hybride
  • VideoLab
  • Le 59 Rivoli
  • Vision’R
  • Les Chahuteuses
  • Synestheorie
  • Music Tech Fest
  • Rencontres Audiovisuelles de Lille
  • Radio Kaos Caribou
  • UAE
  • Université de Stanford

What about you?


Our work displayed

  • Collection Arte Alter (Espagne)
  • Galerie Chartier an art venue (USA)

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